Friday 21 October 2016

Busy Week

It's been a another busy week.
Bricks I loaded out during my youngest nap time - the trick is to hit the ground running if you want to get anything done! 
The build is still heading skywards, hopefully Dill, my bricklayer, is going to get the wall plate on today (Friday) so that tomorrow I can start to get the timber for the roof on. Unfortunately it's a complicated little roof and I think it might take a bit more time than usual, luckily my friend and mentor Andy (who trained me to be a carpenter) is coming to lend a hand on Saturday. I'm hoping to make a good start on it then and I've then got half term to try and get all the timber work done and get it felted and waterproof. The tiles are going to take a bit longer though! 
A few hours with the boy, while he happily chews on a apple I've got jobs to do! 
I've also been trying to get some other jobs done around here as well. I've managed to get my first vegetable bed prepared and planted for next year. This is a whole bed of hardneck garlic so I should have two harvests, the bulbs and the scrapes. I've also planted this through plastic to give myself a bit less work next year as garlic really hates weed competition. 
I've still got a bed of soft neck garlic to go in but I need to find space first. I might be going over the top with how much I'm putting in but we eat a lot of garlic and I can always sell the surplus! 
I hope he realises he's got to start pulling his weight soon! 
I've also been collecting up some apples from the cordons as well as harvesting some veg for tea, this week we've had a great mizuna salad to go with jacket potato, as well as leeks cooked in butter to have a long side salmon, my leeks this year are looking brilliant, big thick stems with long white "socks" just perfect really.  

I'm hoping once the extension is waterproof I can take my foot off the gas a bit but I doubt it'll work like that! 

Who else is having a busy time at the moment?


  1. Glad to see you are planting through membrane and getting started on next years harvests, I was thinking with the building work you wouldnt get into the veg garden, little lad is growing fast and will soon be out there helping you :-)

  2. You're a busy and successful man Kev! I don't know how you juggle everything and still make it! I love the happy photo of your son and the wicked caption of the father...I'm sure you'll be successful in training him early for his good too:) This week is a sluggish one for us here...our sunshine has gone away for a long week holiday somewhere, but we'll catch up soon!

  3. Lovely photo of your boy in amongst the veggies. He'll be 'helping' before you know it.

    Brilliant progress with the build too!

  4. You have a VERY happy boy. You seem to be able to juggle a lot of things---and do a good job at it. Amazing!

  5. Never seen three children look SO alike as yours do Kev!

  6. Busy week?Do you ever have a week that isn't a busy one?!
    Your little fella is coming along well, he'll soon be needing overalls so he can give you a hand in the garden

  7. Gorgeous little lad enjoying the fresh air and being amongst the veg. Brilliant.

  8. Really neat block-work and pointing. Especially when it will be being plastered.

    Do you not get slugs and snails living under the plastic around the Alliums? We find they like to live under planks and paving stone paths.

  9. he is growing so fast! this time of year goes by way too fast. the summer always drags for me!

  10. The boy has the Alviti smile like his sisters! Chewing on an apple already - enjoy reading your blog.

  11. Good to see your project going so well. Will you fill the gap between the bricks and blocks with some type of insulation?

  12. Yes, still much too busy trying to finish off fall projects before the nasty weather of November arrives. I'm so tired I'm not sleeping well at night which, of course, isn't good. You are accomplishing so much, Kev. Good thing you have the help of your son! ;o)
    But we're all doing what we want to be doing so it's a good thing . . . and things will definitely slow down soon. Won't they??

    Our daughter spent many hours with me in the garden while she was an infant/toddler. One fall when she was 3+ months old, I shoveled a trailer full of manure onto the garden working with her in a back pack. The lady from the farm across the road thought I was plumb crazy and gave me a bit of a tongue-lashing!

  13. What a lovely photo. Capturing memories.

  14. What a lovely photo. Capturing memories.


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