Tuesday 4 October 2016

Stand Up

As well as crawling, the boy has decided to start standing up and he "cruises" around the furniture now! 
Very little is safe! He's getting pretty quick as well! 


  1. I love the expression on his face, like ''I'm not quite sure what I'm doing, but look at me go!!'' :-)

  2. Brilliant, as you say soon nothing will be safe 😊

    He obviously sees his big sisters getting about and wants to join in.

  3. No stopping him now! he'll be outside "helping" before you know it

  4. Oh my how your little fella has grown. I haven't dropped in for quite a while and look what I have missed out on.

    Gorgeous cheeky boy :)


  5. How did he get so big already!? How old is he now?

    I do think babes with older siblings get up and going sooner than "normal" because they want to imitate their older brothers or sisters and do the same things.

    He sure looks like a happy little one.

  6. Sweet boy! Our grandson Easton is the same age and in the same type of trouble. he keeps me, his Yaya, very busy. But it is as they say, just a tiny blip before they are grown and all their own. Enjoy every second Kev.

  7. Oh, that little guy is definitely a keeper, Kev. He's growing as fast as a garden weed. He fits right in there at your little homestead. What a delight.

  8. Next he is going to be driving a tractor...


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