Wednesday 12 October 2016

Chicks In October

My girls were far more excited about this mishap that I was. 
A hen has managed to hatch out a clutch of eggs on the 11 of October - the Perils of free ranges hens I guess. 
Rubbish photo - I'll get some better ones later! 

Although it's always nice to have some new chicks this has given me some housing issues as there is no way free range chicks will last more than five minutes around here. So last night I gathered them up and put them in my broody coop. The young pullet and mother that were in there already aren't ready to go into the big wide world yet so they got shoved into my little greenhouse, problem solved - for now! 
If it doesn't go too cold too quickly these chicks have a chance but it's far too late for them really, I might add a bit of insulation on the pen they're in for a couple of weeks and make sure they have plenty of bedding.

What's the latest you've had chicks hatch and survive?


  1. We've had one of ours being broody a few weeks ago. No fertilised eggs though since our rooster was one of 5 being killed by the mink.
    It was her first time in 3 years to be broody.
    I had to giggle about your housing issues. We seem to be forever moving chickens to makeshift contraptions for one reason or another.

  2. August is the latest I have had a hatch, yes we are forever moving youngsters about

  3. Sweet little things, I hope they survive!

  4. Bubble wrap? Could that help keep them warmer? there was frost on the windscreens yesterday. Eek. I hope they are ok

  5. Good luck with the chicks. FO you have any polystyrene you can make some boxes out of. On a different note have you seen the M&S advert. It has vegetables just like your header! The obviously daw your blog and were impressed.


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