Friday 25 November 2016

Leftover Porridge Cake

And I give you "leftover porridge cake"

It's impossible to predict how much breakfast my three are going to eat, some days they eat the lot, others they barely touch it. 

Today they just weren't interested but I decided not to waste it. I invented a very stodgy cake instead. 

I mixed up half a cup of butter, a cup of sugar, a cup and bit of self raising flour (I'm really that precise!) a teaspoon of cinnamon, 2 eggs and the left over porridge (and out 2 cups worth i think. Oh and a good handful of currents (they're called yeah yeahs in this house for some reason). Mixed it all up and then split it between two 8 inch cake tins. 

Cooked at 180 until done (about 20 minutes or so) not forgetting to turn your cakes round if your stupid oven cooks more one side than the other like ours does.

Then got them out the oven, put a bit of golden syrup on the bottom one and spread it round before plonking the other on top. 

Tastes pretty good to me!

For bonus points, if you want to up the difficulty level of this cake, try doing it with a ten month old child clinging to your leg and using your trousers to wipe his snotty nose on. Makes it far more fun I can assure you. ..


  1. I am impressed! It will freeze well too if you don't get through it all I bet.

    1. No worries of that! It's all gone!

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Sounds delicious. I cook everything thing with a child hanging off my leg. Doesn't everyone? Great post yesterday. I have some extra bread dough made today (didn't eat as much bread as i planned yesterday) and am determined to make it into something sweet.

  3. My mother do something very similar, but with cornmeal.Many times the leftovers were just as tasty or even tastier the the original.

  4. I'd not thought of it before (I don't eat Porridge), but why not shape them into 'burgers', and fry them. Some honey or golden syrup would finish the job!

  5. Now that sounds nice ... and a brilliant use of leftovers.

    Cro's idea above sounds good too. They would look like a sort of porridge American pancake and I bet with a drizzle of maple syrup your little ones would wolf them down the breakfast the day after leaving their porridge :-)


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