Monday 6 November 2017

Windy Family Walk

Beautiful walk up the hill where no child made a fuss or moaned once.

 Oh no, wait, that was 6 years ago before we had children.
It didn't play out like that today! 
The boy wanted carrying most of the time, although if I picked him up he wanted to go down and vice versa. 
Constant moaning all the way up and down and two of the three children cried multiple times. Anyone would think it was a forced march!

This picture makes me laugh. It was so windy she thought she was going to get blown away

So hard to walk up the hill. Forced march...

Still, nice to do things as a family...


  1. Nice to see you've still got time to do things with the family, glad the kiddies 'enjoyed' it! Is that my imagination or does the scene behind you look a lot more built up now?

  2. Goodness I remember family walks like that.

  3. Which scene? One side is worcestshire and one side Herefordshire. Worcestershire is built up so much more. Luckily we live Herefordshire side now. I've only lived in Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire, all pretty rural as I like It!

  4. It's good to get out & about building experiences (the National Trust has a list of these for children) & the views look fantastic.
    We have walks from the edge of our housing area onto Green Belt land & we often used to take the kids for a ramble, see some wildlife & use up some energy (well, we were always tired at the end!). But many of my neighbours admit they have never been on these footpaths. Now there are plans to build on much of this land & no one seems all that bothered or objecting because they never walked on it anyway.

  5. bahahaha! kev - i hate to say it - but this might be your best post yet! one of the greatest dads in the world making his children cry due to being forced on a forced march - bahahaha!

    love it! the kids will never forget this day! and they'll love you all the more for it!

    sending love to the whole crew! your friend,

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