Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Trick With Handsaws

Thank you all for the lovely comments you left on the library, it's a job I'm really pleased with and that's a good job as I'll be going to that school with my children until 2028!

Okay this is probably teaching some of you to suck eggs, but then who doesn't love eggs?
As a carpenter I was taught to keep at least four hand saws in my van. That way everything is sharper longer. As one saw becomes blunt it moves down the line.
First one is for best, clean wood and not sheet material (play has lots of crap in it).

Second one is for cutting slightly rougher stuff, plywood, anything that may have been on the floor.

Third one is for rougher wood or where there's a chance you could hit a nail or scuff it on the concrete.

Fourth saw is pretty much useless, so much so that you're not sure if you're using it the wrong way up or not. You keep this one to lend to people, especially the bricklayers or scaffolders who will wreck anything with a half decent edge on it in moments!

Labels with the month you started using it so it's easy to work out which is the oldest.

This will work with other edge tools, it's always worth keen something really sharp for best work!


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