Monday 29 January 2018

Seed Swap Next Saturday

A couple of weekends ago the seed swap group I'm a part of had a meet up to sort and bag seeds. Unfortunately I was feeling under the weather and didn't want to pass on my germs so I had to miss it. 
 So on Friday I forced my children into helping me sort and bag up seeds.
We got a lot done, but I've still got more to do. We had french beans to pod and lots of packets to write up and fill.
We managed to do two types of peas, chives, tomatoes, french beans and Korean mint plus a few others. Over a hundred packets so far! I want to get at least double that ready by Saturday! I also need to fire up my seed cleaner to clean up some Heritage lettuce seed I grew. 

If you're around Hereford on Saturday I strongly recommend you pop by the Courtyard and come to the swap, even if you have nothing to bring with you, we won't mind!
It opens at 10.00am and runs until 2.00pm with a talk at 11.30 by Chris Collins who is doing a talk on Urban Organics, he is a former Blue peter gardener and Chelsea medal winner - should be good!


  1. Replies
    1. I'll be honest here and say they didn't help for quite as long as I would have hoped, but they did for a while!

  2. what fabulous eyelashes your little ones have got!

  3. Wished I lived closer, that's s brilliant idea.

    1. there's lots around these days. Have a search on the internet and see if you can find one by you!

  4. Good on you for doing so much with your little ones. Yes, it takes twice (thrice!) as long when they are involved but it does matter and they will remember. Our 27 year old son who always said he hated the farm and thought what we did was stupid is now planning to plant 200 tomato plants this summer for selling to Chicago restaurants!


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