Monday 26 February 2018

Into The Extension Upstairs

I woke up his morning feeling like my body is a little bit broken.
My dad and brother both feel the same.
It's been a hard weekend!

Over half term I've been getting the extension ready for the big knock through. The idea being to have a big push with my dad and brother on the weekend to knock through to the top of the extension, removing the old bathroom in the process.
During the four days on my own I managed to get the bedroom ready, skirting on and all painted (Sean plastered it the weekend before), the loft boarded out and some of the plumbing sorted for the bathroom.
 Dad turned up on the Friday, he mainly concentrated on the heating and the plumbing whilst I got ready to knock through. The pictures show some of what we got up to!
Drain opened up ready! I'd left a bung in it until we were ready to connect everything up

We ate well for three days. Not for the ones worried about their weight but I think we burnt it off! We had to cook outside for the weekend.  

Dad in the old bathroom

My brother helping to break through, these bricks were so hard - even with the big breaker it was hard to do! 

Taking advantage of the bath outside as somewhere to lie for a minute...

My brother next to the last wall to come down - clinker block. Much easier to knock down! 

A little bit of mess in the old bathroom...

Plastic to try and stop the dust going downstairs

The bathroom on Saturday night. I couldn't help thinking I'd ruined my house! 

Getting the joists in the access hole that's been in the extension since I built it. I've been up and down here hundreds of times but it was good to see it blocked up. 

I lugged everything up that hole to make sure the extension was pretty much ready to go when we knocked through! 

Gone! Glad to see it boarded up and much safer with the kids! 

Finished bedroom. 

New corridor where the old bathroom was

New small shower room 

Coming from the other side. 
The house suddenly feels much bigger!
The kids were funny when they got back, My middle one wasn't even sure where her bedroom was even though it hadn't moved!
It's odd to get used to the new layout, especially when you need to go to the loo in the middle of the night, but I doubt it'll take long until i'm used to it.
Lots more to do up stairs yet though! Wiring and sockets, plasterboard walls, create a shower room, the list goes on! Then once that's all done I can start on the downstairs! Fun fun fun! Hopefully have a full day at it tomorrow when the kids are at school. Probably box in pipes around the toilet first to stop the kids standing on them!
Hopefully I'll get to the end of this extension one day, but it's not going to be for a while yet!


  1. As they say, the cobbler's kids have no shoes and a carpenter's house is never finished. It is always a bit of a fright when you get in to a big job like that but you just have to bite the bullet and push through. The results speak for themselves. Great work, it looks awesome.

  2. looking good Kev, you are going at a great pace! Cant wait to see your pantry! how weird is that. I am most excited about an over sized cupboard! I would love one myself but it wont happen in this house.

  3. Once it's complete it will be amazing. The extra space will be nice

  4. You're doing a fantastic job Kev, the family must be thrilled to bits.

  5. Another huge step along the path, just remember the finish line. We had a couple of houses when our children were young which resembled a building site, they loved it.

  6. I understand the kids confusion. When they took down a couple of buildings in town - and while the post office never moved - I've driven past it several times. Without old landmarks, the brain needs to adjust.

  7. Wow, its looks great. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see the finished project.

  8. jeeze are so impressive with all that you can do. i wish i could do a fraction of it! you must have such a great sense of accomplishment!

  9. I can't wait to see the finished project! You are so handy...

  10. Wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished project!

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