Friday 9 February 2018

Repairing The Shared Drive

We share our short drive with four other houses. For the last few months it's become a bit like the end of a 4x4 trail course. 
The ruts were so big that normal cars would just bottom out on it. So my one neighbour and me decided to just get on and sort it our. We used my dads digger, some hardcore and road planings. 

We scraped off the high spots then added 4 ton of stone to make a new surface. 

It's made coming in and out of our drive so much easier and better. The only downside was when my wife came home from work she didn't even notice! It was lovely to do the job with my neighbour and friend, it's nice to be able to work together like this. Here's to good neighbours!


  1. I love it when a plan comes together. Looks like you have a good friend and a neighbour.

  2. that’s much better. Four tons sound a big amount but it’s soon used up.

  3. Now THAT was teamwork! We rarely see any neighbors here. Nearest is 1/2 mile away. I really should invite them over this summer.


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