Wednesday 21 February 2018

Smalec - Polish Pork Dripping

There was a lot of fat on the pigs when we were processing them at the weekend, so gets added to the sausages but there was still a lot there. 
One of the guys was Polish and wanted to make smalec. This is basically like dripping but with pork fat instead of beef and the fat is flavoured. 
It was simple to make. We first minced up a good amount of fat. 
 It was then rendered it down on the hob until it started to separate.
 Then an onion cut in half was added to flavour the fat, he did this on sticks so he could stir it round.
 He took this outside to cool for a while then once it was cold enough to pour into plastic containers he broke up the onion and shared it between three tubs.
 Once cool it solidified.
 Apparently they spread it on bread instead of butter with a sprinkling of salt and fresh onion on top.
I tried it on some fresh bread (without fresh onion - no way can I eat that) and a bit of salt, it was lovely, a great alternative to butter and one worth remembering encase things ever got harder and dairy products were harder to get.

Stores for a long time as well as fat is basically a preserve.

Apparently they sometimes flavour the fat with apples instead of onions. I think I still prefer beef dripping but this is genuinely good to eat. The girls liked it as well!

Who else has tried this or something similar?


  1. If I had to eat it, I would eat beef dripping. there is also chicken schmaltz this could be something you would like to look into due to having chickens. you can cook with it and eat it as spread also with salt on it.

  2. this is the same as german schmalz. there is usually a tub of this on tables in beer halls and bars for people to spread on bread. it's good stuff!

    1. Right, this is like schmalz. Tasty stuff.

      Dziękuję Ci for sharing this recipe with us, Kev!

  3. I'd quite like to give this a try.

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