Friday 20 April 2018

Edible Lupins

I'm really excited to grow these this year through Garden Organic's members experiments.

Apparently these sweet edible lupins (not to be confused with more bitter ones that can cause posioning) are a great source of nutrition and have around 30 - 40% protein as well as the essential amino acids.

They can be used dried or fresh but need to be cooked first.

Who else has grown or eaten these?

Do you like to try to grow "alternative" crops?


  1. They are sold here in jars; when prepared they are orange colour. I've always found them rather bland.

  2. I've never heard of them ! I try to grow something each year that is new to me. This year it is quinoa. If this crop can be successful in England then perhaps we can grow our own rather than make this overpriced in South America where it is a staple. (sorry can't remember exactly which country - bad of me I know).


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