Monday, 18 March 2019

New Workshop Roof

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the workshop roof has been leaking for weeks now and has been slowly driving me mad.

It only seems to drip when I'm stood under it, and then it only hits my neck! But seriously it needed sorting before something bad happened and water got into the wiring or wrecked my tools.

Dad had ordered some tin for me last year so this weekend it was finally time to get it on.

The workshop roof is made of metal panels and has a frame on top of it where another unit could be stored on it. The metal panels that make it water proof have started to move but the frame on top meant I couldn't repair them. Instead we decided to put a new covering on it.

Whilst doing this it was the perfect opportunity to add a layer of insulation as the workshop gets seriously cold in winter and seriously hot in the summer.

I think both dad and I were surprised at how fast we got this done, it seemed like it took hardly any time at all. We both cut and put the insulation in place and then dad cut the tin whilst I fixed it down with tek screws.

If you'll take special notice of the fall arrest system I was using. Safety first and all that...

I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Looks so much smarter than before.

I might fit some gutter later to add to our stored water.

Anyone else fixed a problem lately that's been bothering them for ages?


  1. Looks great and I think guttering and water storage would be very useful.

    1. Yes! I'm thinking the same, to be honest after a few days I'm already not liking the drips from it. Makes sense to save as much rain water as possible.

  2. Outside lights are a must too. Great job on the shed.

    1. I have some on the house that shine that way.

  3. How wonderful to have a father to help with this not-so-little task. Just imagine how much longer it would have taken to do by yourself! Now your workshop (and your person) should stay snug and dry. The pitch of your roof doesn't look too steep. That's one thing I worry about as my husband is trying to talk me into metal roofing for our house. Great for letting the snow load slide off, but tricky to work on.

    1. There's no pitch on the roof, so I'm wondering if some water might blow back unless I add a drip. Its such a simple roof to do though, wish they were allowed on houses here! Dad is great! He always helps when I need it!

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