Wednesday 20 March 2019

Unfinished Plumbing

### This is a Collaborative post ####

We live in an unfinished house and I fear it may be like that for sometime... 
Nice place for a bath...

The cobbler’s children go barefoot and all that…

I’m not too bothered about it (although my wife might think otherwise), and I am slowly working my way through the list of jobs. Although the list does tend to get longer rather than shorter.

One that I’m surprised I haven’t needed to do faster is to finish the plumbing. We’ve had a much milder winter this year and as such we’ve not had the heating on so much. This has meant that the plumbing jobs have slipped down the list. Mainly because I hate doing them.  
"Magic" heating - the pipes aren't even connected

Good job its been mild really as there is only two working radiators downstairs at the moment. The wood fires have been doing a good job of keeping us warm this winter instead, with both running the heating doesn’t really need to go on and I have a fan heater for when the kitchen is cold and I’m too lazy to light the fire. 
New shower room towel rail is just for show at the moment!
Having easy and quick central heating down stairs would be nice and convenient though, nothing worse than getting back late and knowing you can’t heat the house up straight away.

So, my list of jobs included connecting radiators and insulating plumbing runs with pipe lagging where I can (the loft has some that still needs it). 
One ceiling still needs to go back up - would you lag these pipes?
Soon I’ll start the knocking through to make the pantry which will mean that there will then be a new downstairs cloakroom to make, complete with a downstairs toilet! 
I can’t wait for this addition to the house, it’ll be amazing to have a loo downstairs (other than my composting loo!). I fitted a lot of the pipe work for this about 3 years ago when we dug the patio and installed the boiler outside. 

So what job(s) have you got left in your house which is actually pretty important?


  1. roof needs attention. Pointing needs all renewing, we have birds getting in the loft and they are pooping on the stained glass roof lantern. Radiators need moving. There is a shed on the ground in the garden that we have to wait for a completely still day to put up (I live in a wind tunnel). We need 21st century man hole covers to go over the drain inspection pit not 1840 massive stone slabs no person can move on their own. The drive way needs all new gravel. I have a veg garden to build, raised beds need constructing. We need fencing, 3 sets of gates to stop the dogs from escaping. We need to take floor boards up, upstairs, to swap with boards in the hall where they have been cut and look a sight! The cellar needs some tanking done. Need to take down a partition wall that is blocking light. New windows for the bays down stairs as they are falling apart. A bench seat with shoe storage needs to be put in the porch. the utility room/boot room is a mess, needs complete renovation. The cupboards need taking out, new floor, new back door as I can stick my hand in the gap and wiggle my fingers outside. The windows need attention in the utility room. The flooring has to go as the person who lived here before had an old cat and it stinks in there as it used to live in there. on the north walls I am wondering it if is worth adding insulation plaster boards. The whole front garden needs attention. We are waiting to hear back from a company if we are able to have ground source heat pump put in. House needs decorating top to bottom and the radiators need to be specked out for the house as they are inadequate for the building. Those are the main things, there are probably a million little jobs that need sorting. Main points are to get the house completely dry and secure on boundaries.

    1. Wow! I know you love a challenge but when you put it all down like that it sounds alike a huge task! No doubt that you'll finish It though! You're far faster at getting things done than me! Mine takes years, you've moved on to the next house by then!


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