Thursday 17 October 2019

Another Birthday - Children Are Now 3, 6 & 7!

I honestly can't believe that our children are now three, six and seven! It's gone so fast but it's been amazing!

A bridesmaid dress she got form the jumble sale that she wore the whole day. 

This one turned six this week. She an incredible young lady, full of fun, , humour, intelligence, mischief and fiestiness, and she certainly knows how to keep us on our toes!

We had a small party for her on Sunday with some of her friends and I have to admit I actually enjoyed it, all the children were well behaved and there wasn't even a raised voice among them (or me). 

Her cake request was odd as usual. This time a sinking pirate ship. I tried my best and I think it past muster from her! Better than Peppa Pig anyway...

We also had a bit of feast on her birthday night, with mum and dad coming over to share a meal and bring some presents. Mum had baked a second cake for her and the girls decorated it. She was also pleased because the same day at school she visited the local orchard group for apple pressing and she had art club that night! A perfect day for a six year old.

Mum also left me a parting gift as well. They're all coming ripe at the same time! So they are to be dehydrated for longer term storage. As I trim and slice them the kids hang round me like dogs would hang round a butcher!

What else would you do with all these pears?


  1. That sounds like two fun birthday celebrations, sinking pirate ship and all.

  2. Oh my, they grow up so fast! Love the cakes. :) I dehydrated a lot of pears this year too. And made pear sauce (or a pear/applesauce mix).

  3. I used to make a pear conserve. Great on biscuits (US style) and also on a pork roast.

  4. Pear butter! Easy to water-bath can.

  5. My daughter is in college this year. I miss her so much. I really miss her being a kid. I had so much fun with her.

  6. What to do with extra pears? Grind them into cider! If you haven't tried it, do. It is wonderful.


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