Wednesday 2 October 2019

Little Seed Saver

The children are generally pretty tired when they get home from school.

Now this doesn't mean that I let them sit and watch TV all night (although they do watch some). Their evening are filled with many different activities and clubs. 

But not too many, as there are plenty of things I need to teach them as well.

One thing I am loving is willingness to help in any kitchen task. Each morning one daughter will get their brother dressed while the other will make packed  lunch then do the dishwasher.

In the evening they normally argue over who will help cook tea. Tonight tea was simple so I had to think of another job. Luckily it's the time of year where you dont have to think too hard to find something to do. 

All three children are obsessed with seeds (I've no idea where they get it from...) so I set my youngest daughter the task of picking all the cucamelons and extracting the seeds. 

She was quite happy to pick them  use a sharp knife to open them and then squirt them into a jam jar full of water. Here they'll sit for a couple of days to ferment before being strained and dried off. 

Next year when we go to plant them she'll know it's from seed she saved. 

Children love being useful and know when they're helping or when you're finding them work just to fill their time. 

What job did you enjoy as a child? 


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  2. Stringing runner beans through one of those slicers; shelling peas, although I couldn't be bothered these days! making jelly, stirring cake mix ... we were always involved in cooking, and I think it's really important to do that. And,of course, you get to eat a few peas/lick the bowl afterwards!

    1. The kids love doing peas and beans here, if peas ever make it back to the house that is! I struggle to be in the kitchen without at least one helper at the moment.

  3. Cucamelon? Intriguing. What do they taste like? How do you eat them? I've never heard of them before.

  4. Been reading up. Apparently cucamelon develop thick tuber-like roots that can be dug up, overwintered, and planted in spring.

    1. I've never managed to get mine to over winter yet, I think I'll have to try this year. Be great to have earlier ones. Taste wise the kids are obsessed with them, kind of a cucumber crossed with a lime.


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