Wednesday 16 October 2019

Small Scale Grain - Amaranth

As a bit of an experiment this year I've tried to keep the two beds in my front garden looking nice but still be productive. 

A crop I chose for this duel purpose was Amaranth.

It's a beautiful ornamental plant but with edible leaves and seeds. I decided to grow some for the seeds this year and see how I'd get on.

I was potentially a little late getting them in the ground (I sowed them in late spring) but they grew well for me in the front garden with very little care other than a few waterings during some of the dry spells we had in the summer.

For what seems like months now they've had some great flower heads on them, looking gorgeous as we come and go, I've had so many people ask what they are.

The video below shows how I went about harvesting them and cleaning up the seed so I could dry it. 

I didn't have a huge harvest, but due to weather I did leave harvesting it a little late, but it got to a point where it was now or never (I've lost my quinoa harvest this year for that reason). 

Once I had run it through my seed cleaner a few times I ended up with about 600g of seed (less when dried). Not great for eating but I'll be able to use it a couple of times and have enough seed left over for growing next year and the seed swap.

Has anyone else grown this crop for seed or for the leaves? Any tips on growing it next year?

Does anyone cook with Amaranth?

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