Sunday 2 February 2020

Hereford Seed Swap 2020

Every year I come back from the seed swap absolutely buzzing about gardening!

This year was no exception! I get to spend the day geeking out about all things growing, I love it.

I felt a bit guilty as I normally have far more seed packets to take with me but I'd estimate that I still had a good 150+ to put on the table, so not too bad!
The seeds I took with me

The day is always a bit of a blur as it goes past so quickly but I'd say it was even busier than usual, which is great news as we all want to encourage more people to grow their own.

It was the second year of running the potato day along side it. This seems to be huge success as well and brings more people in through the door.

I came home with a good haul and was really pleased with a few of the bits I got - I was happy to stock up on Oca again as vermin seemed to have destroyed my chances of growing any this year (must get a cat). As always there was a great selection of beans and other goodies. One lady brought in seeds for her Squash (crown prince) that she had been saving since the 1980's! Can't wait to get them in the ground and compare them to the Oregon Homestead Sweetmeat that I've been growing for the last few years.

This last picture sums up the day for me. A good day spent with good people hopefully spreading a little bit of goodness into the world in the form of seeds filled with potential!

Anyone else been to a seed swap yet for the coming season?

What was your favourite thing you picked up?


  1. Sounds a postive day, and I want to grow everything, but in my small garden, I only have room for fruits. This time of year my fingers itch to get in the soil, but winter is still here and the next 8 weeks the weather could throw anything at us.

  2. I would really like to get something like this going around here. I must look into it and see if there is an appetite for it. Or look further a field


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