Sunday, 16 February 2020

Planting Plums For Self-sufficiency

Thought I'd share a short video I made on the varieties of plum I've settled on this year.

Hopefully by having all these different varieties it should mean that we spread the season out as much as we can where we live. I'm looking for them to crop the whole time from mid July right through to the start of October, but I know this will all depend on frosts and other factors!

Let me know what you think of the video.

What other fruit do you try to have a large selection of to make sure you get a harvest?


  1. Hey Kev I hope you and your family are safe. This weather is awful.

    1. All safe here! We've just shut ourselves in for a few days really. Furthest I've gone is to the workshop and to feed the chickens! What's it like where you are?

    2. small tree down. a lot of branches down as well. I dont think I will be getting a poly tunnel or green house as we just keep being bashed again and again. Maybe so low tunnels with plastic or something. Major flooding and we had a bit of snow the week before. So we flood and freeze. thank goodness we moved to the side of a hill! no water on us. Just a little in the cellar nothing to grumble about. So many people in a lot worse position from us. We really need to get the government to get a grip on it all. It seems so bad in England. I dont remember it like this at all as a child. We had that one massive storm that took the school roof off. I think that was 1986 or something like that... But this flooding is something else.

    3. Yeah, It's mad really, pave it all over, build on the flood plains, stop dredging the rivers and then think that two beavers are going to make a difference. I really feel for people in all this, must be terrible to have it happen. It's all around us. Upton is always badly hit. My first question when looking for a house is does it flood? But I think many have flooded this time that never have in the past.

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