Thursday 10 September 2020

An 8 Year Old's Lunch

 I know I've posted before about the kids packed lunch, but now they're getting older they pack their own and it's interesting seeing their choices. 

Normally they have school dinners but due to the school figuring out how to handle social distancing and stuff the eldest is having to take a packed lunch for a few week - I swear she was more excited about this than going back to school. 

It should be noted that the beaker is used like Tupperware as we can never find any lids for anything else. 

She packed herself a huge chunk of focaccia and then a little tiny jam jar that contained oil and balsamic to dip in it (what have we done here! Lol!), then to go with that she went and picked herself some cherry tomatoes, cucamelons, achocha and cucumber. For her desert she got some homemade blueberry cake from the freezer, four damzines (a damson plum cross) and a discovery apple. 

Apparently her one friend said to her "Your lunch is very healthy" to which she replied "Well I just pick what's ready really! 

Then the second day by the time I'd come downstairs all three children were in the polytunnel raiding it for tomatoes to take as snacks during the day! 

So glad the kids love their food as much as my wife and me!  


  1. This post made my day Kev. What lovely kids you have

    1. Haha sometimes! When they're not moaning that I want to brush their hair!

  2. Well, you and your wife work hard to make it all available for them. And how fortunate your kiddies are. My heart breaks thinking of all the children who have nothing available to them but junk food . . . or even empty kitchen cabinets. Blessed are the happy, HEALTHY children being raised by folks like you! :o)

    1. Yeah, my heart breaks as well, sometimes there is no healthy option. My kids seem to understand about food waste and being respectful with their food.


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