Monday 14 September 2020

Like Father Like Daughter

 After tea we tend to watch a program on TV to calm the kids down before bed. It's normally nature related and lately we've been watching the original series of River Cottage. 

The kids have loved it and I've heard some full belly laughs from them as they take it all in (the bit where he sunbaths in the polytunnel, chases the rabbits off his land or ties the string to his toe to protect his pigs) 

I've loved watching them again but it's been great to share them with my children. And when I walked down stairs the other day my daughter was reading my old copy of the River Cottage Cookbook, she stayed there for at least half an hour flicking through the pages. 

What was your favourite episode? 


  1. Not forgetting you have met HFW. I liked the episode when he met the white witch and she told him to write a letter to the River Cottage mice. The creation of the Bristol allotments was good too. H F W is like a modern day John Seymour.

    1. And we met him when this one was in my wife's tummy! The bristol allotment was good - I wonder if that is still going on, love the idea of a community smallholding like that for people to get involved.

  2. I have to say Thank You for the reference to the River Cottage programs. I hadn't heard of them before. They are available for me on Youtube. What a wonderful age we live in! Do you know the Harry Dodson Victorian Kitchen Garden shows? If not, you should find them. They are a wonderful reference to times past - and good for gardeners, too. Thanks again! Any other programs I should know about?


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