Tuesday 1 September 2020

Gloster Bounty

 "Gloster Bounty" (deliberate spelling mistake apparently) broad bean.

These are from 20 beans I sowed in the polytunnel -semi isolated for my own seed use, they should hopefully be pure. Looking forward to trying them next year! 20 is about the minimum to keep enough genetic diversity in the crop - I got them from the heritage seed library and asked nicely for an extra packet for this purpose.

Always amazes me how many you can get from just 20 seeds. Who else is saving bean seed at the moment?


  1. Not beans this year (especially not broad beans, it is the one vegetable I've never got on with. Dad always grew spectacular broad beans, and we kids always had the job of picking out the tops to stop the upward growth and fill out the pods, and even the smell doing that was offensive) - however I did keep seeds from our climbing Borlotti beans, (and Latvian Soup Peas, and quinoa).

    1. I love the tops lightly steamed with a little garlic and salt - honestly one of my favourite treats from the garden! Only my eldest and me like (love) them though - which is a real shame as I'd love to grow loads of them! I'm planning on growing lots of field beans this autumn as a green manure but will let some produce beans to eat next spring - I figure it will be a good use of growing space and show add a bit back to the soil. Need to get them sowed - another job for the kids!

  2. Replies
    1. Now that sounds good! These guys were mainly to plant though - hopefully enough next year!


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