Monday 16 November 2020

End of an Era - No More mini Beds!

Well that's it - no more cot beds in the house. End of an era!

My youngest (4) is finally out of his cot bed into a cabin bed I've made him. He's super excited and already made a den under there. His room is tiny so it's a great way to gain a bit of space.

 I made the bed out of pine so it didn't cost too much. I've also used some fixing that can be easily taken apart alongside some loose mortice and tenons (domino joinery).

I had a high sleeper growing up and loved it so I hope he does as well.  


  1. Our grandson has a cabin bed as well, and loves his den below, lucky lad.

  2. Brilliant! No doubt he'll have many hours of fun and good slumber.

  3. What a fun bed for kids. And what an excellent way to gain space in a small room!

  4. what a great idea. he will love it!


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