Tuesday 15 December 2020

Chicken Lockdown Mini Cull

###This post contains photos of dead animals and meat prep###

With the Avian Flu lock down yesterday we decided at the weekend to thin our flocks a little bit with a few birds that were going off to go to freezer camp. 

The girls have their favourites! No way were these going to the freezer!

We had two cockerels (Legbar and a Maran) from a small hatch we did in the summer, leaving us with two layers and two silkies from that hatch. And three ducks - all drakes - to leave us with what is a breeding trio from two sources so next year any that hatch should be unrelated. 

The girls had made me promise that this was a weekend job so they could help with the prep. I was utterly impressed with them, they know the process and just get on with the job in hand,

'The only bit they struggle with is the wings and tail feathers, other than that their birds are plucked as good as mine. 

They get involved with the gutting of the birds now as well - I know plenty of adults that can't do this. They make no fuss and just get on with it. 

They listen well and do what they're told when we're doing something like this. I think they love helping to provide future meals. 

They are pretty good at identifying all the inside bits now as well. 

I have created mini-me's at times! But I do like that it's become a job we do together and it feels that they speed the process up now rather than slow it down, which is good as it can be quite a big job at times on your own. The Boy did come out for a bit and helped with the plucking but got bored a bit quite! 

One of the ducks will go with an Indian Game from earlier in the year as our Christmas dinner, that's what the girls have requested anyway! 

Super proud of my young helpers. It doesn't take long for time invested in teaching to pay itself back. 


  1. That is amazing and an excellent education.

  2. I have not seen many of your posts before but today it struck me that both your girls are very good looking!

  3. So impressed,your children just get stuck and do a good job.Also they understand where there food comes from.


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