Sunday 27 December 2020

Pirate Treasure Chest!

Our children never ask for much, normally their requests for presents are quite random (last year one was a treasure map). This year the boy asked for a  treasure chest, we searched online but didn't really like (or could afford) anything we saw, so time for me to contribute to Christmas (my wife does so much!). 

We decided that it would be ideal if it could double up as a toy box, but I might have got a little carried away with the dimensions as it's a proper treasure chest size! 

Being a true self employed carpenter I decided to make two boxes at the same time, with plans to sell the second if there is a market for a more unusual toy box!

I made the whole thing out of solid pine, except for the base which is birch ply. This made the top a little tricky, but good to test myself a little from time to time, although if I make any more then I might use flexi plywood instead. 

I also added a few embellishments to make it more pirate-y! And I cut all three children a cutlass for added effect (and future fights over treasure.

Staining the pine darker really changed the look of the chests and made them fit the part a bit more! 

It's fair to say our boy was over the moon with his present! He couldn't quite believe it was his and all through the day was showing everyone when we chatted to them on zoom. 

Hopefully it was a a bit of extra magic for him on the special day. 


  1. that is seriously the best present ever! you are the best father kev!

  2. I would have loved the chest as a little one. Ok so I was a bit of a tomboy. Would have been great for my child sized tool kit and other toys. You are the best when it comes to spending time making gifts or engaging with your children. Hope you all had a great Christmas.

  3. That is a seriously cool treasure chest and all the more so for being full sized. He'll have that for life and I bet HIS kids will love it too. Our Dad made lots of our xmas presents too and they are all the ones we remember best and still have some (I'm nearly 60). Best Wishes for 2021.

  4. Fabulous! May he find all the treasure he desires!

  5. You did a bang up job Kev. Very talented carpenter for sure. I am sure the little one was over the moon. Happy New Year!

  6. Hope he doesn't hide it in your veg plot? 😃 Another great job and string to your bow.

  7. WOW is right!! I want one for my wool!!!! You are a seriously great dad.


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