Sunday 25 April 2021

Yet More Chicks!

We're certainly taking advantage of having our own breeding flock at the moment! More eggs hatched this week.

From 25 eggs we had 25 hatch but unfortunately two chicks weren't good. but that's still some great odds. A dry hatch is the way to go, no messing with water. Switch it on and forget it until it's time to get them from the cradle 2 days before.  

These are all Indian game and the plan will be for most of them to go in the freezer unless anyone wants to buy hens. So for once I'm hoping for lots of cockerels! 

The 6 juveniles hatched out 3 weeks ago got moved into another pen, we had to borrow a heat plate for a few more weeks but they're not using it much. 

They've been loving the grass, and so spend a fair bit of time squaring up against each other - does this mean more males I wonder?

 My youngest has been spending hours just watching the chicks. It's funny as we hatch so many sometimes the children don't pay that much attention once they're hatched but this time they've been out their loads. It's nice now they're all at an age I can trust them with them as well and don't have to watch them constantly. 


  1. We love the colour of those Indian game birds. You wouldn't be wanting a Tigger anywhere in the neighbourhood either; he'd love them as well (and no be fussy about the colour).

    1. Yeah, the colours are great on these birds - I can't wait to see what they turn out like. No doubt we'll keep a few to breed from.


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