Thursday 15 April 2021

April Weather

April has always been one of my favourite months, the weather is always impossible to guess!

On Monday we woke up with a good covering of snow and it made me thankful that I was so behind in the garden! Whilst I'd been feeling guilty everyone else had their potatoes in for me it was great to have that job still to do! 

The snow didn't stay long.

Within 8 hours it was like a normal spring day again! 

I've heard many things said about a spring snow like that, the old wife's tale is that it is a fertiliser snow and adds nitrogen to the ground - if it does it can't be much!!!

Anyone else had much snow this week? Has it affected your gardening plans?


  1. Thankfully, no! Our lowest low this week will be 42F. I believe Ole Man Winter has gotten the boot!
    Now, crack on and get that garden going, Kev!

  2. I don't plant until May, but I don't grow veg.


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