Sunday 18 April 2021


 #### This is a collaborative post ####

I take between four to five hundred photos a month. I take photos of everything, from the completely mundane to the occasional beautiful photo.

One of my favourite photo's I've ever taken

One thing I never get round to doing is changing them from digital files to something we can actually see on a daily basis! 

So the other day, when Photowall got into contact with me to see if I'd do a collaborative post I was keen to see what kind of company they were. I liked the website and liked their environmental policy, which looked in line with what I believe a company should be doing at the moment, so I jumped at the chance to work with them!

The website had some great options, like some beautiful wallpaper murals that would look awesome in a child's room or huge canvas prints.

I was keen to try out a simple framed large photo though, from one of our own images. 

I've always loved the photo of the children walking to school in the early morning sunshine and our kitchen has a bare wall that's been crying out to have something up there for a long time.  I honestly don't think the website could be any easier to use, within 5 minutes I had the imagine uploaded and ordered! 

One thing I was dubious about was how soon I'd get my order - being a company based in Sweden and all the trouble that seems to be going on currently with UK borders, but I got it within 48 hours! Faster than many UK companies I order from! 

I was pleased with the quality as well, the frame was well packaged and well sealed at the back, unusually for me I hung it straight away! It always feels great to get pictures on the wall. 

It's hard to take a photo of it in place without my reflection but I'm really pleased to have this photo framed and on the wall - it looks awesome and I can't wait until we can have guests round again so they can see it as well. 

Photowall are currently offering followers of this blog a 25% discount if you use this code - englishhomestead2021 - at the checkout - the code is valid for two months from now - so that's quite a saving to be made. 

Do you have photos that are in digital format only or do you have a wall that needs to be covered? Their full world maps are awesome!  

I didn't receive payment for this post, but did receive the framed photo free of charge on the condition that I could be honest with my opinion of using their service - thankfully that was ace! 


  1. that is a fantastic photo kev!!!

  2. That is a wonderful shot Kev. And nice that it worked out well too. Will keep it in mind.

  3. Lovely photo and it looks great enlarged. My daughters bought me a digital photo frame,thought it was a bit gimmicky but I love it. It randomly shows pictures and I find myself looking at them more than the ones in the albums.

    1. I just love having photos up and on the wall rather than on a harddrive somewhere. I need to do it more really!

  4. Wow. I thought the reflection of the windows and the hand was deliberate and you were aiming for some form of surreal art. The photo is stupendous but the last one with the reflection is also unintentionally striking.


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