Saturday 24 June 2023

Gardener's Questions And Answers At Hellen's Festival

I've been terrible at updating the blog lately. I've been making lots of videos though and trying to keep my social media going. Life has been very busy! 

One thing I really wanted to share was Hellen's garden festival and how the Q&A session went. 

I was on a panel with Tasmin Westhorpe, John Cunningham and Andy Walton (son of Terry Walton from Radio 2), with Terry Walton acting as our "roving mic" for all the questions. I was told I was bringing a "smallholder" outlook to the panel and I really enjoyed our time in front of the audience. 

We got asked some great questions and it was awesome for us to all put our own spin on things. there was one about roses, which I had no idea about the answer, but still came back with a story about taking down a climbing rose to build a porch, saving all the petals and making my own Turkish delight! (I had people come and talk to me about that afterwards)

The only question we were all stumped on was from a friend (Tony from the seed swap) and it was about his "enlarged plums" which I guess is a question that has the potential to be tricky to google. We sent him in the right direction to get help though. 

The whole festival was just a joy as always. We actually managed to go both days this year, although I always end up talking to everyone and spending very little time with my own family! 

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