Monday 5 June 2023

The Walk Back

 Sometimes I take a picture of our normal life and it feels like it's from a book. 

This one I snapped on our way back from children's cricket on Friday night. Walking on the footpath through a field of barley, the sun setting in the distance. It sometimes feels like our village fulfils some cliche of English village life long gone from many places, and I'm happy it does. A village full of friends, probably a dozen or more people I could drop our children with in an emergency with no worries at all. I feel lucky to bring the children up here. 


  1. You are at an age when there is no time for oneself. You are committed to providing for your family; making sure the children have a well rounded life; doing your bit for the community. You've put your roots deep into the soil of your community and so life blossoms.
    I like that you all walk; particularly through a lovely field. Seems so much nicer than a queue of vans burning gas while waiting to pick up the kids.

  2. Gorgeous picture! Our skies are smoke-shrouded, from fires. Your English village life is idyllic.

  3. I have to remind myself at times to take more pictures of family life because I always find them the most cherished after years have gone by.


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