Wednesday 11 October 2023

Garden Club Talks About Produce

I enjoyed a giving great last night at a little village called May Hill in Gloucestershire. 

It's the second time I've talked here and it's a great little club. 

One thing I have heard quite a few times about my talks is that is that I'm one of the few that is giving them about growing produce and what to do with it (in our area anyway). A man told me tonight how nice it was not to have a talk about flowers for a change (I had just given my talk on preserving the harvest). 

The man had a great story about how his dad used to store food down the well to keep it cool, but how a few times a year, even though it's 500ft above sea level, the Severn Bore would affect the pressure in the well and knock the bucket over!

I have talks about unusual fruit and Veg, about preserving and one about growing fruit for as much of the year as possible. I had a couple more talks booked last week for next year and already have some booked for 2025, it's already looking like quite a good number. 

If you're Herefordshire, Worcestershire or Gloucestershire make sure you book me in! 

What do you think, would you have me speak at your club?


  1. Your 14th of November talk would interest me Kev. All about your homestead and how you got there.

    1. That's always such a fun talk to do. I love giving that one and it's different every time I give it!

  2. I don't have a club but if I lived closer, I would stop by and talk about your garden preservation and wood building activities as we both have those in common.

  3. In a heartbeat, sir! No doubt the folks there left with much more practical information than when they arrived. Your star is rising, Kev! Blessings...

  4. Of course I would Kev - I mean, the travel is even a bit farther than Ed's but other than that...


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