Monday 2 October 2023

Last Of The Rhubarb

Our eldest was keen to make a crumble for tea yesterday and was keen to see if we still had some rhubarb growing we could use. 

The usual advice is not to pick it too late as it weakens plant. But we have three huge plants and haven't taken any this year, so it won't do it any harm. It was starting to die back anyway. 

She took enough to make a crumble and added a Warner's king apple to it to sweeten it a bit. Warner's king is a great choice for it as the apple cooks to a light fluff, not holding it's shape at all. 

I should make better use of the rhubarb next year!

What's your favourite dish with rhubarb? How late do you harvest it?


  1. Hi Kev.We always ate it in a crumble with custard. There's loads of rhubarb recipes online. Even a rhubarb cocktail. It's another fruit/vegetable that came along the silk road to our shores. Said to have been introduced from Russia to Scotland in the 1770s by seed. Have you tried forcing them under cover in Winter? I must get some rhubarb crowns.

  2. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to get back into rhubarb and planted one down at our farm garden. This year was the first year we picked any from it but now we are in the process of transferring our garden so I planted two more behind our house (that was all that was available) and hope to plant a couple more next spring.

    We usually just use it for pies and crisps (or crumbles as you refer to it) but have made some jelly and sauces from it too. I have always stopped picking from it when it starts bolting in the heat of summer because like you, I've heard the plant needs to store energy for the following year to remain healthy.


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