Wednesday 4 October 2023

Scouts This week - Archery & Morse Code

 The start of the week always seems set up to kill us with how much we have to do. Especially with my eldest who has scouts (Monday night), and helped with Beavers (Monday night) and went to Cubs (Tuesday night) this week! Pretty full on start. 

Beavers was great where we got to try a little bit of archery. It's nice to see how the activity centre worker got them to listen, very practised patter that worked great. I always feel I learn a little bit from them. 

Luckily we had just enough spaces for my girls to have a go as well, nice to reward them for always coming to help with Beavers (my eldest has been coming every week since she left 4 years ago, helping when she was at cubs and now scouts. 

When we were planning out this term my youngest asked me before I left for the meeting if we could do "bows and arrows" this term. He watched a programme on the stone age (we all did) and he loved it. The next day he got me to make him a bow and arrow, then made himself a bandana which he has worn every day since April. 

I went and helped with Cubs this week as well. We went to a common and the idea was they were trying to locate a downed pilot who we had to communicate with via morse code. But first they had to find the code sheet to figure out what the channel on the walkie talkie they needed to speak to them. 

They loved this (not my planning at all I should say but very well done by the actual cub leaders) and we had soon located our air crew. We then split into two to send each other some words across the common. 

Middlest was particularly enthralled with this and sent across some really clear words to the other team. 

I love seeing the kids so entertained by things like this. A good couple of days scouting (although I'll be glad not to do it tomorrow - other than knots in the morning with the youngest two). 

And although its a massive bind, this week is a perfect example of why I force myself to do it. I got to do some fun things with my children which I wouldn't have done otherwise. Probably a couple of evenings where I might have worked or cooked a slightly better tea and watched a bit of TV after, instead we shared a few more memories together. 


  1. I enjoy hearing about what you are up to at Cubs and Scouts - loved my years as Akela. and I'd forgotten about the things the scouts did at camp like flag raiding - great fun.

    1. Thanks Sue. Part of me doing blog posts on it occasionally is so when I look back on this time I can remember some of the random evenings we had together scouting. I hope it's going to form some key memories for them.

  2. The archery badge in scouting was one of my favorites to get.

    1. Many of the badges aren't that hard to earn any more, just a session or two and they'll have the first one. At this young age it's often about keeping them keen and competing with a screen as well!


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