Saturday 30 September 2023

Carving A Wooden Trivet - Pierced Design

The other day I saw my wife struggling with a hot pan and laying out two trivets to keep the big roasting dish off the table. 

I decided it was a perfect project to make a new trivet. I loved making one a few years ago and it was the perfect magazine article for Woodcarving Magazine. I spoke to my editor and said about different design, making it in a different way. 

It's quite nice carving from just one piece of wood, it makes it quite easy going. This piece was quatersawn as well, making it even nicer to work. 

I end up getting all my chisel rolls out, but it doesn't take that many once you find the ones you want. I quite often fall into the habit of getting the same ones out. I certainly have favourites! 

I've gotten into the habit of trying to film projects as I make them. This one ha worked quite well as a video although I understand the content is a bit niche. I think my editing is getting better so hopefully it's fairly watchable. 

Few things make me happier than a nice carving project, a good books to listen to (Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch), and a bit of east time in the workshop. 

My original carved trivet next to the new one. I like the difference between them. 

So another item added to the house. I really like it if I can make my carving projects practical, so this one does tick the box with that. 

What carving project should I take on next?

Would you be happy having a carved trivet like this on your dinning room table?


  1. I just love them particularly the larger one

    1. Thank you! A few more years doing a bit of carving helps with the second one I guess!

  2. I have a few carving tools from my youth and it certainly looks doable, but I haven't done any carving in nearly 30 years I suppose. For me, it looks like something to do when I'm not in a rush to cross off other things that my spouse wants completed before snow flies. Saying that, perhaps I just need to cut boards now and work on them in the winter time when I am excused from honey-do projects.


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