Thursday 27 June 2024

Secondhand Beekeeping Equipment - Maybe I got carried away...

 So last week I ended up assembling a flat pack hive I bought really rather rapidly (more on that in another post and video). then I ordered a second cedar hive (that has also had some action today, but again more on that another time). I then saw a post on Whatsapp that in the village one beekeeper was selling up.

It was a guy I knew so I gave him a ring to see what he had for sale. I then, maybe, got a little carried away...

He had a load of stuff so I asked him for a job lot price on it all. 

He had poly hives, not something I had really considered, but the price was right and the frames are the same size as the other two hives I've already got - nationals. 

So in total I got 

4 complete national poly hives,

3 feeders

11 supers (two wooden)

1 nuc (which is like a half sized hive)

A honey extractor

heating element to build a warming cabinet

200+ new jamjars

frames for them all plus a few new frames

A few tools

bucket holder thingy that slants the bucket

queen excluders

steamer and box for cleaning frames

Five of the supers came complete with frames full of honey as well! 

So I figure this has stopped me having to buy loads of little bits and pieces. I now need to clean it all and maybe give it a new paint job, but it's given me a good start on this mini enterprise. 

How much do you think for everything?


  1. Wow! everything you need - it's worth a £ or 2!
    I used to try to read bee books but the complicated language of everything meant I never did really understand the art of bee keeping - and anyway, bees with goats and campsite wouldn't have been a good mix.

    1. Highly Recommended!
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  2. Well based upon my experience with getting rid of bee stuff, the hives, frames and such aren't worth much. But the jars are worth a bit and the extractor is by far the jewel of the lot. We had a similar extractor when we first started out but soon the hobby grew to where we had to move to electric extractors. I'm guessing brand new a similar extractor is probably $100 here so assuming half price for used plus some for the rest, I'll guess £50.

  3. Congratulations! That's quite a haul. Just be careful when you're cleaning everything that the bees will live in up, my old beekeeping mentor used to tell me that there's always a risk of exposing your bees to foulbrood with used boxes.


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