Tuesday 4 June 2024

1Rat Proof 3-Bay Compost Bin

I've wanted some good compost bins ever since I ripped out my last lot that were rotting away. 

The last two years I've just made piles and let them rot down. Yes, you do get compost, but it's messy and not ideal. 

So this time I've decided to go all out. Meet my three bay, rat proof, compost bin. 

I had a few criteria when making it. I wanted it to have a roof, to be meshed to stop rats (big ones anyway), and to be on slabs, but with gaps to let the worms up and into it. 

Of course I over engineered it. The whole thing is built with halving joints. I have a few issues I'm not sure how they'll pan out over time though, the main one being the top bar and if this will stop me easily turning it from one pile to the next. Time will tell on that one and I can always alter it should I need to. 

I've done a full video making it, but it will also be in a future issue of Woodworking Crafts Magazine fairly soon with the full plans included. 

It turns out it's just big enough to house all three children...

I already have one and a half bays full as I write this blog post. I've not hung around on using it. As always trying to get a good mix of greens and browns is tricky, but hopefully we'll make some good stuff. I've been adding layers of comfrey from my 100+ plants as I go as well, so I'm hoping that will really kickstart the process. 

I'm really tempted to make a hot bin next, in the hope of composting cooked food. Does anyone use one or have any advice?


  1. It's a very good job. You could use them or similar ones for rabbit hutches and small animal housing. All our food waste is ate by the ponies, pigs, rabbits, dogs, poultry and hens. Then I use the fym on the veg plot.

  2. I have a purchased hotbin, it's perfect for my small garden, making compost much quicker, I dig it out twice a year. I don't have waste cooked food, so I can't help with that part of your question.


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