Tuesday 18 June 2024

Readyy Steady Cook! But For Scouts

 I can't take any credit for last nights scout session - but it was good fun.

The scouts were given a selection of ingredients, then split into their troops to make whatever they fancied. 

It was fun to see what they created. A few of the scouts really impressed me with how quickly they could make some very tasty food. It was fairly obvious which ones cook at home, they just had a feel for it even though they were cooking over an open flame. 

I was particularly impressed with the chips the one group made (they also made pasta with a sauce) and one group made a great spaghetti bolognaise  which I would have been happy to have served for tea. Another group dd some great skews with carrot, pepper and meat balls, very herby! 

I liked the step back and let them do it approach with scouts, which really isn't possible when I do beavers! Nice being out all evening and cooking outside as well. 


  1. I would be impressed with anyone of those meals. Most of my scouting meals consisted of hot dogs cooked on a stick!


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