Friday 17 October 2014

My Youngest Is One!

It's amazing how fast a year goes! This week my youngest daughter turned one, it doesn't seem five minutes since she was born.
A great day out again at the Safari Park
 Last weekend we used our free return pass to the Safari Park for a cheap day out for her and this weekend we're having a little party for her with some family and friends. Believe it or not we actually spent less on this visit to the safari park than last time as we had some animal food left over!
The "Peppa Pig" cake - although this is actually Philipa Pig, Peppa's ugly cousin! 
She's already had her presents and a cake made my me. 
After making it I suddenly have a lot more respect for the cakes my mum used to make for our birthdays. This one looks like Peppa Pig has had some re-constructive surgery, every time I added food colouring the icing went mushy and then every time I went for the icing sugar to dry it out, poor old Peppa Pig looked like she'd been snorting coke!

The girls managed to work out who it was though, so I guess so long as I  improve each year, by the time they get critical I might have the skills to pull it off!

I can't believe a year has gone already and I'm so glad I get to spend so much time with my girls. Everyday we think we made the right decision with me being a stay at home parent. 
She'll be helping me on the homestead in no time!


  1. Your girls are both little cuties, as you say a year has flown, I'm glad that things are still working out OK for you being at home.

  2. It doesn't seem like it was a year ago, happy times!

  3. The older I get the more amazed I am at how fast a year zips by. I think having children makes it go faster too. Happy bday to your youngin and gratz on learning to bake :)

  4. Good thinking re improving your cake decorating skills before they get critical. That made me laugh.

  5. Doesn't time fly? my youngest turned 18 a couple of weeks ago.......I'm still looking for the years that flew past so quickly x

  6. One year old! How did that happen! Doesn't seem more that a week or two since you posted a blog about her arriving! And I am sure your girls enjoyed the cake you made, and it would have tasted much nicer than a shop one. Vx

  7. Happy Birthday Melissa! You all look like you had a great time

  8. You have the cutest children!
    Well done,Dad...I don't know who Peppa Pig is,but even I was convinced it was her!
    Jane x

  9. When they are little.. They can fit perfectly in a hen house to clean it

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Thanks for all your messages! Time sure does fly!


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