Wednesday 6 May 2015

Good Keeping Apple

I did a little experiment with an apple this year. I left a Sturmer Pippin in my van all winter. Just kicking around in the pocket of the door, no protection or anything.
not pretty on the outside
 I've mentioned before about this apples keeping ability but this really proves it. Although it doesn't look great on the outside the flesh inside is still edible, and I did eat it! It was just starting to go rotten in the middle (I cut this bit out),  and the flesh was a little dry but still had good flavour.
Just starting to go rotten
This year I'll try to store some in ideal conditions and see how they last. I think these could be a great self sufficiency apple and one that would be great in hard times.
Anyone else have a good keeping apple they'd recommend?


  1. My mum stored apples every year, in a long flat tray, a piece if newspaper around each apple. Every Christmas we had apples in our fruit bowl.

  2. It must be the most well travelled apple EVER!!

  3. That is one tough apple, that is amazing it did so well in those conditions. I am sure it proper storing conditions that apple is going to do wonderful!

  4. Definitely worth looking after next winter. My Jonogold kept until mid january and I thought they did well. How's yours for taste?

  5. i would love to find a way to store apples. we live in apple country and they are so wonderful in the fall.

  6. From around 1500 through the end of the sailing ship period, most vessels carried apples in oak barrels. They were rationed out in portions as a dietary aid against scurvy. Didn't prevent it, but kept it from onset for a bit.


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