Thursday 14 May 2015

BBQ Pulled pork

I decided to make it up to my wife over the trotter meal a few weeks ago. I cook a BBQ pulled pork shoulder.
I'm going to write it here as I was quite pleased with it and it tasted amazing, I couldn't find a recipe I liked so I just made one up, normally this is a recipe for disaster...
Not a great picture but it tasted good!
1 pork shoulder (mine was de-boned)
2 onions,
5 garlic cloves
1 teaspoon of cumin
4 teaspoons of paprika,
1 teaspoon of salt
black pepper
1 teaspoon of mustard powder
vegetable oil
1 carton of Tomato passata
1/2 a cup of cider vinegar

I fried up the onions and the garlic in a frying pan until soft then added them to the pot.
Mix all the spices together and then rub all over the meat, then brown the meat off in the pan.
Put the meat in the pot and then add all the other ingredients. Get a cup of water and deglaze the frying pan with it then add it to the pot as well. 
I cooked mine in a slow cooker for about 7 hours on low, turning it up to high for the last hour. I also removed some of the sauce and reduced this down separately to make a thick BBQ sauce to have on top. The whole shoulder pulled apart with a couple of forks when it was ready to eat.

I served it with roast potatoes and veg the first night, then it went on to make some amazing sandwiches the next day and the following night I fried it all back up, added a tin of red kidney beans and a tin of tomatoes and served it with rice - another great meal! 
Who else likes it when the leftovers are almost better then the original meal!


  1. Oh Yum, I am a fan of pulled pork and will be giving your recipe a whirl, I have a house full at the end of the month and this will feed a crowd.

  2. It looks and sounds great. Can we use a pork joint instead of the shoulder? You have chose our tea for tomorrow Kev. How are the sheep and will you be getting some weaners soon?

  3. Smells delicious. Who can resist a slow cooked hunk of meat? Shall have to try your version some time. Here is another good one.

  4. I prefer left overs, it always taste so much better, I often have for my lunch leftovers from the night before

  5. Kev, you a man of all trades! We must try this one out...I like the idea of using slow cooker as much as possible, then there's more time for gardening chores too:)


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