Monday 22 June 2015

Porch Progress - Cut Roof On

Last week Dill, my bricklayer, came for a day and managed to get he porch up to wall plate. That's the piece of wood on top of the block work that the roof sits on. 
Porch up to plate
 This then meant that he didn't have to come back until I've cut the roof on to the porch, as he need the rafters to guide his brickwork. 
I think he was hoping I'd take ages to get round to it, as he's really busy at the moment, but yesterday afternoon I managed to get the carcasing timber for the roof up. 
A roof of any size is awkward on your own, just to get he first few rafters up with the ridge board but I managed okay off the top of my wobbly step ladder!
The frist two rafters cut just to check the pitch of the roof - 35 degrees

Rafters and ridge board up - the ridge board won't really be needed as I'm going to put in a ridge beam straight underneath it, but I need it to keep the roof up  until the brickwork is at a level to hold the beam.
Having the beam will mean I don't need any ceiling collars so the inside can be vaulted and make the porch feel much bigger.

Roof on 

From the side
Feels a little closer to completion, although I know their is lots to do yet. Trying to fit it in here and there is difficult but good practice for when we start the extension properly! Hopefully my bricklayer will be back soon and then I can get the windows and door fitted!

Anyone else do any work to their house over the weekend?


  1. Hey Kev. Looks good I love how it makes the house look more dimensional. Its looks like a house that little kids draw. Good job. Weve been painting fresh plaster .

    1. ohhh look at me. It did work. I did the above comment on my phone in the car park waiting to go into work. look at me all with it! lol

  2. nope nothing on the house here although I may get the brackets up for my hanging baskets if I sweet talk enough :-)

  3. Been away for a week, it's nice to get back to your blog. Porch looks good Kev, but I'd have thought you might have put bigger windows into it. For more plants of course.....and polycarbonate roof? Only joking, I know you want it to be warm and keep the cold out of the house.

  4. great porch! it really adds to the house.

  5. Whatever finishing material you choose, you shouldn’t forget aboutsafety. Follow all the SNiP standards to protect yourself and your family!


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