Sunday 28 June 2015

First Approved Food Order

Last week I made my first order with approved food. 
For those that don;t know it's a mail order company that sells nearly out of date or out of date food at a much cheaper price.
I've been looking on their website for a while and I decided to finally bite the bullet and order. The one thing I really wanted was the malted bread flour - 16kg for £5.49! That'll make 32 loaves of granary bread at just over 17 pence a loaf!
I was careful not to buy too many things that aren't normally on our shopping list as it's easy to turn a cheap shopping trip into an expensive one, and just because something is cheap doesn't mean I need it!
I also brought a full box of walkers ridge crisps for 50p and I made the order up with washing liquid that knocked money off my over all postage (as well as lots of sweets and chocolates!).
Malted grain flour - makes great bread
I was a little nervous about using the flour when it turned up as it's well out of date (2014), but I can see nothing alive in it, it smells fine and the proof is in the eating as it makes great bread - what a bargain! 

If anyone else is thinking of using approved food go through this link and you'll earn me some money off my next shop! To shop there needs to be carefully worked out as the postage adds a lot, but there are some huge savings to be made if you shop savvy! 
Anyone else use Approved Food?


  1. Oh yes, I used them lots in the past. Not so much now as they haven't had anything we needed. We're not eating much bread at the moment or I would have put in an order for the flour.

  2. Great finds Kev, I tried the once or twice but dont use them anymore as we eat very little proccessed food these days, Thats a good price on the flour have you got a sealed barrel to keep flour in :-)

  3. "Critters" in flour is why they make sifters! lol

  4. yes we too used them , not so much lately but usually for bulk buys like your flour and condiments , can't wait to see your bread made with the flour

  5. I'm "loafing" my way through a bag of that flour, mixing it with cheap white bread flour. It's delicious, making lovely bread.
    If ever you order one of their £1 bargain boxes be prepared for some very weird things!

  6. Use them regular, as you say it's important not to get carried away and order stuff just because it's cheap.

  7. My brother used to use them before he got an 'Out of Date' shop nearby where he lives but previous to that he used them quite a bit. He still has enough Spicy Couscous to last him forever and has offloaded some onto me. I haven't used approved foods so I must have a look!

  8. Price of the malted grain flour is down to £3.99 now....

  9. Yes, on my second bag of it. Try it mixed with potato flour makes a lighter loaf. Now have a baking day Kev, make up several batches and freeze the cooked bread, will save even more money and time in the long run.

  10. put it into small bags and freeze it for a few days each. then anything that is in it, is killed. dont eat it if it smells. simples.

  11. I've used them for the first time recently! Like you said, you have to shop carefully...many temptations. Also the postage adds, to the Netherlands it's 15 pounds. Lucky for my I hesitated to order and a few days later discount on postage was 50%. But I'm very satisfied and definitely order again.

  12. Not heard of them Kev, I'll take a look.

  13. What's the longest date you've tried past it's sell by/best before?
    I did take a look, but got a bit nervous when I saw something with a 2015 date on it once i got to the basket....

    1. Depends on what it is! Spices and things I'll eat years out of date as they don't really go off. tinned food is fine a year or so out of date so long as it's not damaged and looks good out of the can. I've also bought flour a year out of date and used it, so long as they're no weavals that you can see and it's not gone rancid it should be fine. We tend to just our noises rather than dates here. I also buy the powdered yogurt and only buy it out of date so it's affordable - a couple of years on those packets is fine I find!
      Fortune favours the brave Rodders!


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