Tuesday 9 June 2015

Car Boot Bargains

I've not been to many car boot sales this year, I seem to have gone off them lately as I have so much to do I begrudge the time if I don't buy anything. But Sunday was such a lovely day we thought we'd go as a family for a walk round. Ledbury carboot sale doesn't start till ten either so that's a bonus when you're trying to get two little ones into the car as well!
Turns out it was worth me going. Here is my haul:
£5 - A tub of snap pins and R clips for farm machinery. each one of these is at least a couple of quid.

£3 - set of three Sash clamp heads and tails to fix to wooden batten. These mean I can make clamps any size I want. They would be £12 a set for a cheap set, these are good quality ones. 

£2.50 - Book on carving letters in wood. I tend to buy as many woodworking books as I can, it's great for reference and I never know what project is coming next.

50p - Handy to have some spare hose pipe fittings if they'll work with my other ones.

£5 Hoop and band hinges. It has one of the pins missing but I'm sure I can make one. Makes for a cheap set to hang a gate as they're normally about £20

£5 - good quality hosepipe and fittings. I was going to have to buy the fittings like on this pipe any way as I need to get some water out to my tree nursery. Perfect for the job I had in mind.
Anyone else been to a carboot sale lately and had any bargains?


  1. I bought an Honda petrol mower for sixty Euros and it works perfect. I find it's very easy to spend a lot of money if you don't look for things you need. Have you never thought of selling some of your timber products at a car boot sale, Kev?

  2. Great Hawl! I've not been to a car boot in years as the last couple I went to had nothing to attract me.
    My husband would love all your buys!

  3. We went to a car boot sale on Sunday,

    Lovely Hubby bought some demi johns and a load of rusty 'useful' stuff like yours, and I bought 3 books and a wooden animal, you'll see that on the Blog tomorrow ... I need help identifying it :-)

  4. Looks like a good haul! I love books always have. Can't go wrong there.


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