Wednesday 17 June 2015

My Day Yesterday - Hour By Hour

Yesterxday was busy but that's not unusual! I thought I'd write down what I did so I could remember the odd day here and there in the future.

6.00 - Alarm goes off - I fall back to sleep as I was on a job in the evening the night before and didn't get back until 10.20

6.30 - We get up, our other alarm in the form of two small children come and wake us properly!

6.45 - Check the sheep,

7.00 - Feed the chickens, change their water and let them out, open greenhouse. Wife goes to work at this point

7.15 - write blog post and have a quick look at other blogs whilst the girls are playing

7.45 - Dill the bricklayer turns up to start work on the porch. I've already got him the power and other things set up so he can start work straight away (after a coffee of course!)

8.15 - Have breakfast - musli for me, the girls had rice crispies

8.30 - clean the girls teeth and get them dressed and ready for the day.

8.50 - drop Ev off at playschool for the morning. they were off on a trip to the park.

9.10 - Back home - Washing and dish washer on. tidy kitchen

9.45 - Youngest goes for a nap, bit of milk, a story and a cuddle and she'll be asleep for a few hours!

9.55 - Put bread on to make for lunch

10.00 - Me and Ken (my neighbour and friend) go to make a temporary funnel out of some old posts and wire to make getting the sheep in a bit easier

11.00 Come back to the house and help do some jobs for my bricky mate, move and load out bricks, set up a temporary scaffold and cut a lintel in half for him to keep it moving.

11.45 - Go up to the park to pick up my eldest. We stay for a bit as I think it's unfair to not let my little one play when we're there.

12.10 - Pop to the butchers on the way back to get some meat for the week.

12.45 - Make some lunch for Dill, the girls and me. Cooked eggs and fresh bread eaten outside

1.30 - Peg out washing

2.00 - I take Dill off the brick work to come and help us round up the sheep. This time we were successful.

2.20 - Start sorting out a few of the lambs feet that are lame, A couple of their feet had scaul so got sprayed and trimmed.

2.45 - Treat all the lambs for blowfly - luckily Ken was happy to stay and looked after the girls while I was doing this.

3.30 - Fill the footbath up and run the sheep through it. girls are well back at this time!

4.00 - Get back to the house and get everyone a drink and icelolly - it was hot!

4.30 - Wife gets home early but quite happy I've already done the sheep and don't need her to help get them in

5.00 - Cut wall plates for Dill for the porch and help him tidy up

5.45 - Start cooking tea

6.45 - Eat tea outside - burgers!

7.00 - relax with my wife and the girls for a bit

7.45 - Girls get ready for bed, we take them up and read them a story before putting them to bed

8.30 - Back outside to do a few jobs - take sheep pen apart, water greenhouses, do some little garden jobs, etc

10.00 - Come inside and feel guilty that I've come in when it's still light! Do a bit of blogging to unwind

10.45 - have a shower

11.10 - bed

A fairly normal day but everyday is different. The girls were brilliant today and so well behaved and loved helping. Probably get report by social services for making them help me all day though!

I love not working and being a stay at home parent!


  1. Interesting to read your day, I am full of admiration for you, I couldn't live this lifestyle with little ones, they take up so much energy :-)

    1. I don;t know I think you'd cope fine Dawn! They know just to get on and play sometimes which is good. I think it would be harder for me if I just had one child as they entertain each other a lot of the time.

  2. Blimey, I feel exhausted just reading that but know that I was once that energetic as well!

    1. There's plenty of little slots where I can take a moment and get a hug from my girls, it's all good fun.

  3. Oh to be 25 years younger!
    Sounds as if a lot was achieved

    1. It was a good day. In fact the whole week has been like this. I Feel dead!

  4. Sounds like you have got your routine working, I tried to work a job along with the work at home for several years and I am still trying to catch up on things left undone. There are just so many things to do that many people don't realize.

    1. It's a juggling act but it seems to work. There are so many jobs at the moment but it's ridiculous.

  5. Phew !! I'm knackered just reading this....

  6. Your girls are very lucky to grow up with such an interesting life, so much for them to see, and loads they don't really see, but will look back on their childhood with great memories.

    1. Interesting but I don't know if they'll think they're lucky for a long time yet. When they're older they'll probably appreciate it.

  7. All I can say is thank goodness my boys are all grown up and living lives of their own, I really couldn't do this with youngster in tow.

    And letting them 'help out' whenever they are able to will be brilliant for their self confidence and give them lots of lovely, happy childhood memories, so no it's not slave labour, it's character building in the best possible way and it means they get to spend more time with you ... which is all our children want when they are little :-)

    1. It's hard with them sometimes but sometime they make it so much more fun. Sometimes we just stop and look, or find a worm and then watch it together or a spiders web. These moments together make it magical and make all the extra effort worth it. My youngest will be running a long and then suddenly stop and smell a flower or be trying to help me plant something and I just thin there's nowhere I'd rather be.

  8. I enjoyed reading about your day, you do a great job!


    1. It doesn't feel like it sometimes!. sometimes I have so much on my to do list it can feel a little overwhelming!


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