Monday 22 August 2016

Chilli's Ripening - Recipes Please!

I have a good selection of chilli peppers ripening at the moment. I think I planted about 10 different varieties with different degrees hotness so I'm looking forward to trying them all out, maybe I'll get some friends to play a chilli roulette! 

One thing I have been loving this year is a hot sauce to add to stirfrys, chips, pizzas and anything else that takes a sauce. By adding some once it's cooked it means that the children (and wife) can have it quite mild and I can ramp up the heat a bit more.

What I'm really after is a good recipe that I can preserve my harvest with, I want a good shelf life - and I don't mind canning it. I'm already planning on sweet pickling some like I have done in previous years but doing each jar with a mixture of different chillies in it this time.

What's your favourite chilli preserve recipe?


  1. We dry our chillis each year, both son and hubby love them, I just grow them.

  2. Apple chili jelly, great to have with cold meat we have done it with different degrees of hotness in each jar

  3. Did your sweet pickled peppers stay crisp in the jars? When I try making these they end up soggy and sad.I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    1. Also, a friend of ours makes a Georgian chili sauce called Adjika every year. It's hot peppers and spices and herbs from the garden. It tastes amazingly complex. It's delicious.

  4. Not a recipe I'm afraid, but this year I shall FREEZE most of my crop. They need to be deep-frozen separately, then put into bags. The fruits can later be used whole, grated, or whatever.

  5. I usually freeze mine whole in a freezer bag. Get out what I need and chop them from frozen.
    In the past I've made Harissa paste and chilli ketchup.
    This year I griddled some 'Hungarian Wax' chillies, plunked them in a jar with salt and covered with a light olive oil. They are yummy.

  6. we string the chillies up and dry them.

    Saw this, thought it would be of interest to you


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