Tuesday 2 August 2016

Eden Channel Four - Episode Three

So it seems that the group is falling into arguments and a little bit of chaos already, the arguments in the first half were starting to get on my nerves but things seemed to improve as it went on.

I think that they need to build separate camps, it fairly obvious that communal living doesn't really work with a group of relative strangers. I love the idea of them building more huts and doing the communal ones together is a great idea, these people come from a wide range of backgrounds and some don;t have the skills to build things themselves, although most seem willing to learn.
The irony here is Tom, who was so against Anton building a separate hut, is now building one with a group of three others.

Rations and metabolism
The food situation is playing on all their minds by the looks of it. They've started rationing their food quite heavily, some with the intention of pushing the weaker members out of the group at the start of the episode.
Whenever I watch programmes like this and it comes to food portions I often think of my wife and I. She's 5ft 3" and is petite whereas I'm 6ft tall, quite broad and weigh 15 stone, put simply I need more food than her to operate, but when it comes to manual jobs I'll produce more than her in the same amount of time due to my extra size.
The Doctor, Jenna, made this point to Jack and I quite agree with her. The sheer fact that this isn't meant to be a pure survival exercise but a community experiment should also be a part of what they think as well because different people are bringing different skills to the group. You can rest assured that if there was ever an apocalypse  and a doctor walked up to my house then they would have a place simply because their skills could potentially save my whole family.

Rob the vet and Stephen had a bit of an argument in this episode as well. I can kind of see it from both points of view but I do think that Rob over reacted about Katie's crying and should have got the other side of the story first, but then he's tired and food is being rationed heavily so it's difficult to say how anyone would react in that situation. I could imagine that situations like this would bubble under the surface for quite some time.

Tom seems to have taken a bit of a step back on this episode, which is a good thing and the ex army officer, Jack, has stepped up to the plate. He gave a good speech to motivate people, but what I liked was that when people spoke to him with where they thought he went wrong he agreed with them and adapted his thinking.

So what did you think to this weeks offering?


  1. I watched it for the first time last night, it was interesting, I agree with you regarding the food and workload. The pep talk worked well in the following discussions, I said to hubby the army is a very different environment but he did help calm things. I will watch again.

  2. I think the choice of age group for the challenge is interesting, there are no older mature people, I got the jist of last nights program but also had visitors will have to watch a catch up I think, the bullying tactics of some of the men wanting to push out the females was interesting to see, it just shows how there is still this sexist attitude even among a young age group.

  3. I thought Jack was fantastic; his speech was motivational rather than a lecture and he really listened to how others perceived the points he made.
    I was beginning to think this show was going to just become constant bickering but I'm glad to see everyone making an effort to get along later in the episode and great to see people explaining how to do things such as felling trees as it gave others a chance to learn a new skill.

    Looking forward to next week and a great post Kev! :-)

  4. I watched Eden last night and I agree with Dawn there doesn't appear to be any young people. In most walks of life leaders like prime ministers, managers.., are in their Fifties.


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