Tuesday 9 August 2016

Eden Channel Four - Episode Four

I'm surprise that this is the last episode until the Autumn, I thought channel four might try and keep everyone's interest stronger by having more episodes running over a longer time.

Resources and Rations
Another interesting one though, I like that they've shown everything with very little hidden from the camera. When they killed the baron sheep they showed the whole thing and when they pulled the dead sheep from the bog and pulled out the fetus as well, even going on to show the fetus's skin being used as a water bottle cover. Much as we can criticise some aspects of how they're running things I have to admire how little they're wasting, the haggis was a great example of this.

I do think that the gardener, Rachael, isn't getting enough help. She seems to be working really hard and there is very little shown of others helping her, the whole thing pretty much hinges on whether that garden is enough of a success for them to last the winter out.

There is still underlying tones of bullying going on between the men and the women that I don't like. Tara was pushed out this episode I get the feeling it was mainly by Tom. But I mean what can I say about the massage tent, it was obliviously bothering some people, I think if I was there I think it would be bothering me as well, but it was better to have her do something rather than nothing. I don't think how things were done were right at all, there is certainly some bitchiness going on there, the young age of some of the group (twenties) really shows through in situations like that.

Unfortunately the community shelter seems to be flagging already, with some people not wanting to pitch in as they have their own shelters being built. I feel that some of the lads see this as more of a survival of the fittest rather than building a community to help carry each other.

There is always the possibility of derailing shows like this with a sour relationship. I felt that the hunter, Glen, has been quite immature and trying to be an "alpha" male in the fact that he was really friendly with the shepherdess until he found out she wasn't interested in him and would then barely speak to him.

My wife and I were talking and saying how it seems odd that they haven't put any couples into Eden, having some strong relationships already there could have set a good example to others, and maybe some maturity as well.

One person who comes out well at the end of each episode is Raphael the carpenter. He's older than most of the group at 55 and I think this really shows through. He's calm and collected, doesn't bitch and listens when other want to talk, he works hard as well. He certainly my favourite at the moment and not just because he's a carpenter!

So what did you think of this weeks episode?

How would you stop the in fighting in the group?


  1. Phew! missed it again - thank goodness :-)

  2. I've got them all saved on the Freesat box, so I need to have a catch up session before I comment on this. Although originally I did think they should have had a more diverse age range.

    I guess they need to suspend it for a while to get the next month or twos filming done and edited ready for viewing.

    1. The age range has a few from older generations but most in their twenties or thirties I think.

  3. have to agree with you mate, the old chippy seems to be the most level headed and practical guy on the squad, i'd certainly want him on my team!

    1. Yeah, he seems like a nice guy and a hard worker, I'd keep him on the team!

  4. Really enjoyed last nights programme. The lack of food is a worry. When watching them dishing out food, why is a man doing that? Not being sexist, but women would normally take less food than a man. I feel therefore the people who are digging and very physical work are not getting enough as the ones who are not using as much energy. The food is problem.

    Glad Tara has gone. waste of space. Tom is a bully and a coward, he will find someone else to hen peck next. you will see. Tara should have been in charge of washing up, helping the cook and keeping the fire going in the kitchen. She would then have been seen to doing something productive. I would not have had a massage either as I would have prefered her watering plants or helping in the kitchen. It would have been my silent protest that everyone else was carrying her.

    I cant remember who it was who commented about chopping wood. They have obviously no fore thought of how cold it is going to be come winter. Yes collect wind falls but to not be well stocked for winter is ridiculous.

    The winter shelter that Anton fought for in the beginning and tried to branch off from, seems to be faltering. He now seems disinterested. Maybe in the beginning this was his bid to be a leader and it went wrong? They should have made the cook (cant remember his name) bring the food to only that site. They would then have been fed when there and people not working would not eat. Harsh but it is all rationed and they moan about it, but dont seem to be doing a lot about making a plan. This will be troublesome when winter hits.

    I want to see how well they are going to do at preserving the food

    1. I'm in two minds about Tara going. She didn't seem to pull her weight, but then again the fact that people are leaving a community is a bad sign and might cause others to leave. It's not one against one and everyone should be helping the weaker memebers. I agree with you though and I would not have had a massage and I would have tried to find her a more productive job, the garden seems very understaffed!
      The wood thing made me alugh as well. Basically they're going to have to spend the whole of summer collecting wood for winter, no one is going to want to collect wet branches in the middle of a Scottish winter!
      Like my sister says below the editiing is weird, they seem to only concentrate on a couple of people each week, Anton has hardly been mentioned since and I wonder if he's still doing things to his hut.
      The community shelter should be a none optional activity, the food idea of yours is perfect.
      I've seen some other clips of them amkingin their own money (eden coins) and smoking fish so it'll be interesting to see what they've been up to when it comes back on.

  5. My sister sent me this comment as well so I thought I'd put it here:
    "I don't think the fact that people are in their twenties has anything to do with the bitching. I think that's unfortunately how some people are and if you look at who's doing the bitching a lot of it is actually from the alpha males in the group - some of whom are definitely in their 30's. I think it comes across really badly and against the whole idea of the programme, but I'm sure the hunger is effecting people's character.

    I think the editing has a major part to play as well. If you think episode 1 was Jasmine's episode and she was made to look lazy and immature, but she's barely been mentioned lately so you forget about her."


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