Saturday 20 August 2016

Checking The Sheep In the Rain

After weeks and weeks of sunshine I don't even mind checking the sheep in the rain this morning!

I'm getting very low on grass so I was secretly hoping for rain to make it grow again.

I don't think any Brit can complain about the summer this year, it's been great so far! 
How has the summer been where you are?


  1. In Hampshire along the south coast we are drier than most of the UK, we have had a wonderful summer and loved the rain yesterday and today.

  2. What a lovely photo the first image is. I know the feeling, it is a relief to have an excuse to spend time inside!

  3. It's been a very average summer here in Ireland. Blowing a gale today and raining.

  4. Its been a summer, here in Illinois, like the summer of my childhood (60's) Lots of heat, lots of rain, lots of mosquitoes, lots of veggies. So yes, all good here.

  5. We have had more rain than we have ever had. I think I heard we have only had half a dozen days without rain since June! Very unusual for here. Needless to say, some plants like it but others are so waterlogged that they just die.

  6. Its bone dry here on the coast of Essex. The tiny amount of rain we had yesterday has amounted to nothing really. I'm still having to use the hose:0(


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