Sunday 22 January 2017

Forest Schools Party!

Well we had the forest school party at the weekend and I can happily report that no children broke any limbs or spontaneously combusted!  

The party worked really well, My eldest shared it with one of her friends from school, so we as parents could share the burden a bit! 

We're lucky here as there is a village hall type building about 75 yards away, so for any parties we tend to use that. We got all the children and parents to meet us there(I live in fear of a children party where the parents leave their children for me to look after!), before I lead them over to the far field where the girls and I had set up the log circle. I'd roped my brother into manning/guarding the bonfire which worked really well (and his wife helped looking after our little boy who wasn't as happy as he could have been...)
Leaf crown on the birthday girl!
We'd set up a few activities for the kids, so they split into groups. 
The one activity was a treasure hunt I'd made up in the bottom field. Around the field I'd left different cards with pictures with animal tracks on, each track had a letter which they had to match up to a sheet they'd been given. Five different animal tracks with five letter to make up the word "Field". It was great and as I'd spaced it right round the field (with one well hidden one) they were all running all over the place, burning off lots of energy. When they got them all they got a packet of sweets as a reward.

Around the fire the children could roast some marshmallows and my brother had cut some fresh willow sticks to roast them with, we had set a limit for each child but I think there were a fair few that had more than their quota of marshmallows! 

There was also crown making with some cardboard crowns with sticky backed tape around the outside, the kids then collected leaves and grasses to stick on them. They all seemed to enjoy all of it, being outside and running about in the open space. 
We then headed back to the hall for party food (I'm going to have a major rant and moan/vent about something to do with this later in the week), all the kids were all great and really well behaved, whilst all the parents had a good chat and warmed up a bit by the heaters. 
Both the birthday boy and girl had their cakes (I had to make a second strawberry cake for this!) and blew out their candles. 
It all went really well, kids went home happy, but I was really happy when it was all over! A lot of preparation, planning and baking went into it! 
We ended up with three very tired children and two very tired parents by the end as well! I was cream crackered! 


  1. Love reading your posts, I will say it again, you are an amazing father and your kids are so blessed!!! So glad it went well, love the idea of the crowns with double sided tape to be decorated that way, I would love doing it! I was cream crackered! what a great way to say you were plumb tuckered out.(something my Mammaw would have said) Take care, from Iowa

  2. how wonderful! those kids parties sure can be draining. you made fabulous memories!

  3. It's well worth making the effort, children's memories are made of such things. Many years ago a friend of my youngest son's had never had a birthday party so my wife did one for him. He still speaks of it today.

  4. were was my invite I would have loved a party like that well done for pulling it off.

  5. Well done keV,it's not easy thinking of ways to entertain children that doesn't involve copious amounts of money and a ton of chocolate. Fresh air, toasted marshmallows, treasure hunt what's not to like.

  6. I always dreaded children's parties, but usually the dread was unfounded. Kids can be very very fun and well-behaved -we just need to find the right activities.
    Making crowns is a great idea!

  7. Well done children's parties are exhausting.

  8. Fantastic job Kev, I bet the children will never forget it!


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