Sunday 23 April 2017

A Busy Two Weeks

The last two weeks have been pretty full on. 
The early part of last week I took two lambs and a sheep to the abattoir, I worked a few days for customers, we pushed really hard with the patio (post and pictures to follow), the veg garden is being well looked after and the lambs have been coming thick and fast.
I'm having a much better time of it than last year, I'm not sure what that's down to. The weather has been amazing, the sheep seem in better condition, I'm better prepared & organised and I seem to be having a fair bit of luck on my side at the moment. 

That doesn't mean it's been plain sailing. I'm having to lamb a fair few ewes, yesterday morning I even had to get my bricklayer to hold the ewe whilst I lambed here, not what he was expecting to do when he turned up! Some of the lambs are quite big that I'm having to lamb, it's an issue with feeding as I don't know if they're carrying a single or twins so the sheep have the same amount of food. 
Not sure any sheep likes to see these two items come out...

Unfortunately the Easter holidays are over now so I'll be back to full time childcare from tomorrow and I've still got nine sheep left to lamb. This could mean some very tired school runs and a grumpy daddy, but hopefully it shouldn't be too bad. 
I'm currently assessing the flock before I go to bed at 11 and deciding when to get up based on what I see. Normally I get up and walk round them around 3 o'clock in the morning but if I see any signs of lambing then it could be two walk rounds, an earlier one and a later one (2 and 4) and dealing with anything that happens. If they lamb in the night I tend to take them up to that little shed in the one rented field and put them in a bonding pen for the night (if I've got the space) before letting them out in the morning. 
Wish me luck with the nine that are left! 


  1. Whew, those sleepless nights during birthing season are always a little edgy with not knowing exactly what to expect. Here's hoping all the rest are smooth sailing.

  2. Busy time for Sheep farmers. The new Lambs all look good.

  3. Goodness, that is a busy time. Goody Luck.

  4. hope it all goes smoothly. that is a lot of work!

  5. You sure have been busy. Lots of work but I bet worth it when you see those cute little lambs. Hope all goes well.

  6. You are doing FAB! So much going on!


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