Wednesday 26 April 2017

Dehydrating Rhubarb

Okay with my new dehydrator I've been looking for things to dry! 
I always have an abundance of rhubarb at this time of year (although I've managed to sell quiet a bit this year) and my wife isn't hugely keen on it. 
I decided to dry some and see if it's any good in my overnight oats that I've been eating. It's pointless to dry it if there's no use for it at the end. 
We picked a huge amount and set to cutting it up fairly evenly to put on the nine trays (I think I used eight as I cut the top layer a bit thick), my two assistants laid them out on the tray for me, it's funny watching them stealing bits of rhubarb and then having to spit them out - they took ages to learn that it's quite tart! 
I then set it to dry, I had no idea how long it would take so set the timer for 16 hours on the fruit temperature. I think in the end it was dry at around 13 hours. I don't mind if these go really hard as they're to be rehydrated before eating, not to be used as snacks like some dried fruit. 

It's comical how small this stuff gets after it's done - rhubarb is a lot of water! 

My eldest and me tried some in our oats yesterday morning (added in the night before) they had the texture of a currant as they weren't fully hydrated but with a sharp flavour, a really good and healthy addition to our breakfast with very little cost involved.

Have you ever dehydrated rhubarb? 

What use did you find for it?


  1. well done kev, did you rehydrate with hot water, when I have done rhubarb I have cooked it down and done rhubarb leather roll ups to be eaten as snacks.

    1. It's rehydrate with cold milk (soya in my case unfortunately ) overnight in the fridge. The fruit leather sounds good. Do you add sugar?

  2. I have never tried dehydrating rhubarbs. Have you tried dehydrating bananas? They become kind of chewy.. almost like fudge.. Yummy, and they keep for ages.
    Ifyou dehydrate fragrant rose petals the house smells amazing. I plan to dehydrate more edible fragrant flowers this year. They are gorgeous additions to cakes.

  3. I love your dehydrator! I don't like rhubarb simply because it was stuffed down my throat as a kid! Both my mother and grandmother who lived next door had huge plants and when they were ready to pick...that's all we ate for weeks lol...maybe one day I'll try it again but I think I've eaten enough for a lifetime! :)

  4. The dried pieces look so pretty.

  5. I've never had dehydrated rhubarb before but I sure do like rhubarb. I usually make a cobbler with it or muffins.
    I have some growing in my garden.

  6. My Rhubarb failed to grow this year. I'll have to BUY another plant. Grrrrr.

  7. I will have to try dehydrated rhubarb. I planted 2 of them and keep having to pull the flower stalks, they're doing so well. And I'm the only one that eats them so far.


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